MGD Micron Strainer’s

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Part Number: -MGD - 2000

-MGD - 2125

Material: -Nylon, Polyester, paper
Type: -Mesh Paper Cone
Mesh Size: -MGD - 2000: 190 Microns

-MGD - 2125: 125 Microns

Compatibility: -Suitable for water-based and solvent based paints
Application: -Automotive Painting, Wood Working, General Painting
Benefits: ·Removes impurities for smooth finish

·Prevents clogs in paint sprayer

·Ensures Consistent viscosity and color

·Extends equipment life

·Versatile use with different types of paint


Quantity Per Box: -MGD – 2000 (1000pcs)

-MGD – 2125 (1000pcs)


Remove Impurities: Paint strainers effectively remove impurities such as dust, dirt, rust particles, and dried paint flakes from the paint, ensuring a smooth and clean finish.

Prevent Clogs: By filtering out debris, paint strainers help prevent clogs in paint sprayers, reducing downtime and maintenance requirements.

Ensure Consistency: Filtering paint through a strainer helps ensure consistent viscosity and color throughout the painting process, resulting in a uniform finish.

Extend Equipment Life: By preventing particles from entering paint sprayers or paint guns, strainers help extend the life of equipment and reduce the risk of damage or malfunctions.

Versatility: Paint strainers can be used with various types of paint, including latex, oil-based, automotive, and wood stains. They are suitable for both water-based and solvent-based paints.

Easy to Use: Paint strainers are simple to use and require no special training. They can be quickly attached to paint cans or paint sprayers, and the filtered paint is ready for use immediately.

Cost-Effective: Using paint strainers can help save money by reducing the need for rework due to paint defects and prolonging the life of painting equipment.

Speak to one of ours sales associates for details on ordering this item

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